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If local Galway residents aren’t already beaming that part-Irish, part-British pop star Ed Sheeran wrote his smash hit “Galway Girl” about their town, he gave them an extra reason to be proud after thanking Galway “and all the wonderful people in it” via Instagram on April 12 for helping him shoot his music video.

Sheeran posted a photo of the smiling crowd who gathered next to a Galway pub where the video was being shot along with the message, “Thank you to Galway and all the wonderful people in it for helping us shoot a music video yesterday x.”

Sheeran’s wildly popular track serves up a unique blend of Irish folk tradition and his unique rhythmic, acoustic style. In the infectious chorus he sings, “She played the fiddle in an Irish band/But she fell in love with an English man/Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand/Said Baby, I just want to dance/With my pretty little Galway Girl/You’re my pretty little Galway Girl.”

Sheeran’s Galway fans took to Twitter to express their excitement once they discovered he was in town for the shoot. Several fans posted photos of the crowd gathered in Galway, with many of them hoping to catch a glimpse of their favorite ginger-haired singer.

One Twitter follower posted what appears to be a shot looking down on the crowd in the street from a higher location. The caption reads: “All Ed Sheeran wanted to do was to come up to the gaf and lush a few cans #EdSheeran #Galway #Salthill.”

Another person named the local pub saying, “We were going for a pint in O’Connors but some lad @edsheeran is holding up the pub. #sheeranout #galway #galway.”

The Grammy-winning artist certainly put the West Ireland city in the limelight by choosing it as the setting for his chart-smashing hit. “Galway Girl” topped the Irish Singles Chart for two weeks and currently holds a No. 2 chart position in Australia, the UK, and Ireland.

“Galway Girl” is one of two Irish-themed tracks on Sheeran’s chart-topping third studio album, Divide. The other is “Nancy Mulligan," which pays tribute to how Sheeran’s Irish grandparents met and fell in love. Overall, Ed Sheeran has smashed chart records, achieved many unprecedented feats and hit some impressive milestones with Divide.

The charismatic singer-songwriter followed up the music video shoot by playing two sold-out shows at Dublin’s 3 Arena on April 12 and April 13. He posted photos of his screaming live audience on Instagram and thanked Irish native band Beoga for joining him to play “Nancy Mulligan” and “Galway Girl” on the Dublin stage.

Ed Sheeran is currently touring to support Divide. Click here for a list of AXS-ticketed shows.

All Ed Sheeran wanted to do was to come up to the gaf and lush a few cans #EdSheeran #Galway #Salthill pic.twitter.com/F9KeT8Lvxc

— Rory O’Brien (@RoryOBrien111) April 11, 2017

We were going for a pint in O’Connors but some lad @edsheeran is holding up the pub. #sheeranout #galway #galway pic.twitter.com/ehGKN0DylC

— Rofi James (@Rofi_James) April 11, 2017

getting to play Nancy Mulligan and Galway Girl today and yesterday with @beogamusic in Dublin was something else

— Ed Sheeran (@edsheeran) April 13, 2017